Thursday, October 25, 2007

To Do List

One of many tools we use as counselors in the Pre Trial Diversion program with the District Attorney's office is a 5-year poster. Clients are given an assignment to make a type of collage on posterboard. They are to affix pictures from magazines or other sources that represent goals they hope to accomplish in the next 5 years. It is fine to include a few lifetime goals that will take more than 5 years, but the idea is to make it feel attainable. Yes, it sounds like a simple idea--but it really works! It is amazing to realize the energizing effect of seeing a visual representation of your dream and sharing it with others. This is an important step in moving an accomplishment from "a daydream" to a plan. I have completed this assignment along with clients and have already seen several of my lifetime "to do" items accomplished.

One that remains is to drive a NASCAR race car at Talledega Superspeedway for a few laps at around 180 mph. This opportunity is available for a small sum. O.K., small is a relative term. I had to pass on an opportunity to grab this dream October 13 for a couple of reasons. My friend, Joel, had purchased the driving experience at a charity auction and was going on that date. I really, really, wanted to go along. Unfortunately, October 13 was a date very much in demand in my life. I also missed a retreat to Florida for counselors working at Pre Trial. But I began teaching a college class which fulfilled another of my goals. I still can not express how much I missed the driving experience, especially with Joel because we have become very good friends and doing it together would have added much to the experience. I boldly asked to borrow his pictures from the weekend to share so I can live vicariously through his time on the track. Enjoy;

Time to "mount up."

Gentlemen start your engines!

Joel is passing everybody in sight! He will soon be lapping the field.


O.K., the last one is Elliot Sadler flipping at Talledega in 2004. I was there in the infield when that happened, by the way. All the rest really are of Joel.


Lerra said...

I can't believe you had to miss that! Of all the days. Oh well!

bbeth said...

Great idea - the 5-year poster. I might use that with my 18 year old son who is scheduled to come home next week after 5 months of drug rehab...thank God.