Friday, October 19, 2007

Emotional Roller Coaster

As I read this brief news release I went back and forth between hopeful and doubtful faster than a crowd of Britney fans;

"A Japanese clothing manufacturer, Kochou-fuku, announced in August a line of air-conditioned shirts, with two tiny battery-operated fans inside to evaporate perspiration (for the equivalent of about $95). (One drawback: The shirt billows out, suggesting that the wearer is overweight.) [Reuters, 8-17-07] "

First, I tried to pronounce the name of the company and quickly concluded that no matter what they were selling, I was not buying.
Admiring friend--"Hey, cool shirt. What kind is it?"
Me--"Thanks. Its a....uh....ochoa, funky, tofu....well, its Japanese."

Then, there it was in the first line--AIR CONDITIONED SHIRTS! Man, I have got to have one of those no matter what it is called!

Uh-oh. $95. That exceeds my fashion budget for 3 years.

Finally, while I am attempting to think of things I could do without to come up with $95, they casually mention (in parenthesis, even) that the shirts billow out making you look overweight! Well, that kills it for me. I am not wearing something that will make me look fatter if you PAY ME $95.

But we were so close.


Lerra said...

Wow. That's just weird.

Jamey said...

I would agree that most people shop for clothes that make you look thinner, not "billowy."

Plus, when I first read "billows out," I thought it said blows first mental picture was someone blowing up! Yet another reason not to get one.

Gina said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! You will probably find much of it to be your typical fare of everyday drivel, but occasionally God does bless me with a profound thought or two. You and I actually move in similar circles as well, so our paths may cross too! I've read your blog before and enjoy it, as well. Happy reading - I will try later today to categorize some of it for easier browsing. -Gina at Busy Mommmy