Monday, November 29, 2010

New Thoughts

As I ran on the first workday morning after Thanksgiving weekend, my mind automatically took notice of the weather conditions and how I would report them on Daily Mile when I shared my run with friends. Words describing the level of cold were mostly positive, but I realized that the descriptive words in my mind about the wind were mostly negative. And that would be an accurate reflection of my typical attitude toward wind when I am running or biking. But since I have JUST gone through several days of searching for things to acknowledge a thankful attitude toward, I remembered how many times I privately and publicly thanked the Creator of the universe for controlling the weather so that we don't need to (and so that we don't constantly mess it up). The next thought that came to my mind was a conversation between radio host, Bubba, of the Rick and Bubba show and the crew aboard the International Space Station. Much of that conversation was very interesting, and the fact that it could take place at all was pretty amazing. But what stood out for me this morning was the answer to the question "What do you miss and most look forward to back on Earth?" The first half of the answer was not much of a surprise; a hot shower. It had been since June that this crew had enjoyed that daily luxury. But what really struck me was the second part of the answer; "the feel of a breeze on his face." Really? That ranks as number two? Well, we hardly even take notice of such. But his answer caused me to pause and realize how often I/we fail to take notice of all our senses and the simple pleasures like the feel of a breeze and the smell of soil and the sound of the wind rustling leaves. So with all that in mind (not to mention the word "wind" coming from the same root word as "spirit"), I would like to report a gloriously windy morning for an early morning run. And I am thankful for it.