Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Oral-B's Triumph SmartGuide toothbrush, available in the United Kingdom for the equivalent of about $280, uses navigation technology to transmit the exact location of the toothbrush to a base unit so that the user can see which areas in his mouth the brush might have missed. The wireless LCD mouth display can be mounted on a mirror or held in the free hand. [Daily Telegraph (London), 8-31-07]

Yep, we wouldn't want to take a chance of going over the same space TWICE with an old fashion manual toothbrush. Thank you, technology.


Jamey said...

Oh my...that's a little crazy. How much is it to repair? I'm sure it's going to break at some point.

Lerra said...

Well, considering the state of most Brits' teeth, perhaps they DO need something this ridiculous to clean up those grills!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my word! Some people just don't have enough to keep them busy inventing more useful stuff than this??!!!!