Monday, October 29, 2007


Today I received an invitation to attend a tailgate party for Troy University fans (Go Trojans!) that will be held in Athens, Ga. just prior to the Troy vs. Georgia football game. That sounds like fun. But here is my delimma; I have considered myself a Georgia fan for 35 years. Most of my friends and family know me as a Georgia fan. All my adult children are Georgia fans. Other Georgia fans seek me out in public settings. But I never attended the University of Georgia. I just became a UGA fan when I moved to Alabama and everybody tried to make me choose either Auburn or Alabama. Now I have somewhat of an emotional attachment. And, although Georgia has two losses this year, there is a chance that they could end up playing for a very high ranking at the end of the season. But this weekend they play Troy University where I DID attend for my masters. I have enjoyed watching Troy move up to the big league and play (even beat) a few top schools. I am not taking for granted that Georgia will beat them Saturday, although that is most likely. Sooooo, what does a fellow do? Go with the southern redneck tradition and pull for the school most likely to make me look like a winner by association? Or pull for the school I actually attended--you know, like an intelligent person would do? Well, really the choice is clear. HOW 'BOUT THEM DAWGS?!?!!!


Lerra said...

I have a co-worker whose wife is a Georgia fan and a Troy alumnus. He said she was going to wear a custom made shirt that is 1/2 UGA, 1/2 Troy. :-)

What if someday Faulkner played Georgia? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Ditto!! You always have been a very, very wise person!!