Sunday, October 07, 2007

Public Education in 2007

Here are two stories that indicate the strength of "education associations" and the weakness of the modern judicial system.

"Zero Tolerance" Is Just for the Kids: One Alabama teacher, already fired but awaiting trial on a charge of raping a student, has not only received his regular paychecks for nearly two years, and will continue to until the trial is over, but has also been awarded two routine raises, based on a 2004 state law boosting teachers' rights (according to an August Associated Press review of records). [Mobile Register-AP, 8-12-07]

While I am all for continuing pay and reserving judgement until the facts are revealed and a trial is provided, how many years should it take to present the case?

The second story is from Canada;

The largest school district in Montreal, Quebec, was ordered by an arbitrator to rehire a teacher whom it had fired in 2004 for illegally failing to disclose a conviction for killing his wife. The arbitrator ruled the firing improper, in that homicide is unrelated to the teacher's classroom work. [Canadian Broadcasting Corp., 8-16-07]

Yep, if your morality and beliefs do not matter then it must be o.k. to hire a man to teach your children who has been convicted of killing his wife. After all, that is such a personal matter.


bbeth said...

I'm glad God doesn't operate on Zero tolerance.

The public schools are in distress and they can't figure out how to fix them. Too many rules and regulations that have nothing to do with teaching...

and then there's God and prayer...

Lerra said...

What in the world???