Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Survived the Attack!

This is a brief post intended to provide evidence that I did indeed survive the "Attack on Swayback". No broken bones, no broken bike, no trophy. The picture above is part of the design on back of the race t-shirt. The bottom reads "The race your mother always warned you about." It was a fun experience and I will provide more details in the next couple of days when I have some time. For now enjoy this link that my new friend Mick Williams sent with some of his pictures from the race;

Don't be fooled by the fact that I am standing NEXT TO the winners podium.
This picture doesn't show faces well, but notice the guy on the winner's spot atop the podium. Can you tell that he has jet-black hair? Can you see the muscles in his arms and legs? Did anybody check credentials to see if this racehorse is really over 50? Beginner, my foot! If he is a beginner then I am just beginning to turn a little gray. I hope he comes back next year. I will color my hair and leave him in my dust! O.K., now I have to take my blog private.

Here are a few pictures I took with my disposable camera that I keep in the truck;

The race was started in divisions and began by racing across the parking area and down a trail next to the road that allowed a couple hundred yards to jostle for position before heading into the woods on single track where passing is nearly impossible.

Another wave starting.


Lerra said...

Wow...that t-shirt is kinda scary. Good job with the race, old guy!

Anonymous said...

Wooo-hooo!!!! I'm sooo proud I can hardly stand myself!!!
luv U lots!
1-4-3, ME