Saturday, February 03, 2007

Super Bowl Warning

According to officials in Miami-Dade Florida the Super Bowl may refer to more than the uber-hyped football game to be played on Sunday. The term may also denote the porcelain fixture located in one or more small to mid-sized rooms in your home. That is correct, the toilet that we all take for granted could become a headline item on Super Bowl Sunday when 90 million football fans realize at half-time that they have consumed more bean dip and beverages than intended and head to the head at the same time. I am not making this up. That means 350 million gallons flushed almost simultaneously. The CBS affiliate in Miami is reporting that every year during half-time of the Super Bowl plumbers are called in record numbers because pending problems succumb to the pressure of so many flushes. Of course, if Janet Jackson is scheduled to perform, the flushes may be staggered into the third quarter. Obviously, you can't go during commercials because that is, by far, the best part of the Super Bowl. My advice is "go early". Who knows there may be lots of folks with the same instructions as Baron--floating newspaper in the toilet. If the terrorists were really smart, they would target the nation's sewer system.


Kenny Simpson said...

Never thought of that.

Lerra said...

That is so funny that you blogged about this. We have in our guest bathroom a book entitled "Bathroom Super Bowl Quiz Book". Yesterday at Amy's shower, her sister made a comment that the book is actually about the Super Bowl. For some reason it didn't hit me until later that, to a non-sports fan like myself, the book could actually appear to be about the "super bowl" that it resides beside. Anyway I never thought about the pun before until this morning.