Saturday, February 17, 2007

That's not Her Job

Pat works the drive-through window at Hardee's on Perryhill Road. She is a hard worker and if I were looking to hire a person for a job that did not require lots of education or polish, I would certainly consider her. She knows me now, and begins to gather a spicy chicken biscuit and senior coffee when she sees me coming--$1.63--even with our ridiculous 10% sales tax. Today I rounded the corner from the speaker to see a late model Dodge truck sitting in the drive-through lane. Nobody was in front of him and there was about 30 yards between him and the window. Since his rear window was heavily tinted, I could not see the driver. In the 25 degree morning air, his exhaust vapor indicated that the truck was running--just not moving. The employees were waving and slapping the glass at the window. I was unsure if they were attempting to get the attention of the other driver or me. Should I drive around him? I tapped the horn lightly. Nothing. Finally, the ladies got the door open next to the drive-through window and started toward us. I lowered my window as they stopped next to the truck ahead of me. They tapped his window and said to me "He is sound asleep--he has fallen over on the seat." For a moment that scared me--has somebody had a heart attack or stroke? Then as they knocked harder on his window, he popped up. He was smiling broadly--obviously embarrassed. I don't know if he had a wild Friday night or maybe was just getting off work but he apparently passed out completely in just a minute. Pat said the line had bee moving so he did not sit in one spot more than a couple of minutes before falling asleep. Is is comforting that he is now too sleepy to hold his head up AND eating but still driving?


Lerra said...

Why do you always have stories like this?

Roxy Wishum said...

So I can say "A funny thing happened on the way here...."