Monday, October 02, 2006


I have been thinking (insert witty remark here). Whenever superman flies, he always assumes the "superhero flying position"--you know stretched out with arms and hands extended as if diving except with his head held higher than you would to dive. That makes sense and all and if I began thinking I might be able to fly, most likely I would automatically assume that position because Superman always does it that way. But is it really necessary? Could he fly feet first? There might be some advantages to a "luge position" as opposed to the "diver position". When you came in for a landing your feet would already be extended ahead of your body and you could avoid that awkward swoop-hoover-land motion. Of course, female superheroes who insist on wearing skirts and high heels would have to resort to the "diver position" because the "luge position would cause her skirt to fly over her head which would distract her steering as much as that illuminated make-up mirror on the sun visor. The skirt over the head would also distract onlookers. I guess if she had on Superwoman underwear instead of thongs it would be as modest as most superhero costumes. What about other positions? Could Superman sit with crossed legs like the "thinker" and rest his chin on his hand and still fly just as fast? Why not? Is wind resistance a factor for superheroes? I really don't know. You know those times he flew around the Earth counter the natural rotation so many times and so fast that he caused the Earth to stop and spin backwards so he could go back in time to save somebody? Couldn't he save some trips (and therefore time) if he flew around in a standing (waiting in the car tag line) position? I am really curious about this. If you have a degree in physics or have read lots of comic books or ever stayed in a Holiday Inn Express please shed some light on this subject.


travis stanley said...

Funny you mention this. I just watched something about this on a new Superman cartoon on Saturday.

I forgot the name of the cartoon, but the premise is that a group of superheroes from the future need Superman's help and they go back in time to Clark Kent before he knows of his superhero powers. They show him how to use his powers and bring him to the future to help them defeat their supervillians.

Anyway, in the episode I watched on Saturday, Superman is perfecting flying and has a hard time. He keeps wobbling and descending. So, one of the other superheroes shows him the "superman" flying pose, claiming it will help him fly smoother. I guess there's something about it that reduces terbulance and makes one more areodynamic.

How's that for an explanation.

Roxy Wishum said...

Well, there you go. Cartoons and National Enquirer--my main sources for accurate information. I used to snicker at those who believed such sources until learning how important they are to the Men In Black.

Lerra said...

One time I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

you are hilarious.

I have had a couple of dreams when I was flying, but it was like I was swimming. I had to move my arms through the air really quickly in order to climb heights. Also, have you seen that show heroes? Cause the people that fly in that one look like a couple of rejects. they have business suits on and they just sit there and levitate. gah. dont they know about the superman flying position??