Thursday, October 19, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

Mark Foley. Would somebody please tell Mark Foley he is not in grade school anymore? As enough evidence came out to overcome any doubt that Mark Foley, while representing the working folks in Florida, has had inappropriate conversations and behavior involving young, male pages whose parents are desparately trying to help them have an advantage breaking into Ft. Knox. No, not the physical gold depository but rather the figurative gold mine of national politics. Once Mark Foley clearly could not deny nor laugh off allegations, he broke and ran. And just like a grade school boy he pointed fingers at others as he ran from his mess. Let's see, Mr. Foley can't help it because 1) he is an alcoholic, 2) he is gay, 3) he was molested by a priest 40 years ago. Then he named the priest. Why now? Allow me to state that I detest that priests so often sexually manipulate children to whom they have an obligation of spiritual nurturing and encouragement. The tidal wave of revelations in the last two decades should scream at those creating the legalistic system for Catholics that forcing people to be celibate in order to be a spiritual leader is a bad idea. God himself created a woman for the first man. God designed a simple plan for families; man and woman leave father and mother and cleave to each other. There, that's it. Any amendments create less than optimum results. Yes, I know Paul encouraged some to remain single. And those called to be itinerant preachers or other callings that conflict with devotion to a family should listen.

The important fact here, in my opinion, is not that priest sometimes behave badly with young boys (or girls). That is bad and needs to be dealt with. But in this story we are observing a grown man who not only felt he had weathered some inappropriate behavior 40 years ago to lead a normal life. He apparently felt that he was leading an EXEMPLARY life. He asked voters to choose him and pay him to represent them in our nations' capitol, which he did for years. He did not feel that alcoholism was a problem all that time. He did not feel that homosexual tendencies were a problem all that time. Once exposed, however, for behavior that could not be justified, he claimed every victim status he could come up with. It makes me sick that he now wants me to feel sorry for him. And while I usually vote for republicans and hate to see democrats regain control of congress, if other republicans covered for Foley or others in order to keep republicans in control then they should be voted out. I know, I know, both parties have corrupt individuals but I say remove anybody who has shown themselves to be of poor moral character and vote in someone who has the opportunity to be considered ethical until proving otherwise.


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Good post. I am tired also of everyone else being the problem, and no one owning up to their mistakes.