Thursday, October 19, 2006

What's in a Name?

Yes, I am posting two politcal-related posts in one day. No, it will not be a habit and this one is a little more fun. In case anybody beyond my family and a few friends stumbles across this blog, let me assure you I am not a politician nor the son of a politician. In fact, as a USPS employee I am prohibited by the Hatch act from participating in partisan politics. That is just fine with me. I am interested in watching though. And it has always been amazing to me how important name recognition is to a person's chances of election. If you are born in Alabama as a Wallace or Folsom or Baxley (or marry one in order to capture the name) you have a leg up on your competition. Obviously, name recognition does not guarantee election but it REALLY helps. My personal friend Walking Wendell Mitchell created name recognition many years ago by utilizing alliteration and doing some walking in his campaigning. It worked so well that his current opponent is playing on that moniker to try to unseat him. The bad news is nobody knows her name because all her TV, radio, and print ads talk about Walking Wendell Mitchell. These races in Alabama are interesting to watch but not nearly as fun as it would be in district 4 in northeast California. The incumbent there is Rep. John Doolittle. I am not making this up. The good people of California actually elected Representative Doolittle. Now that's funny, I don't care who you are. Just leave your computer a minute and walk around saying "Rep. Doolittle, what are your plans if you are re-elected? Do you plan to do a lot?" I've got to tell you, I am all for electing more Doolittle's for Congress. The less they do, the better. Thanks, California that is almost as funny as electing the Terminator as govenor. But wait, that's not all! "Nothing could be funnier than Dr., I mean Rep. Doolittle being elected from the Terminator's state" you say. Well, what if Rep. Doolittle's opponent's name were Charlie Brown? I am not making this up! The race in District 4 is a close battle between Charlie Brown and John Doolittle! How can you take this seriously? One is a clown and the other just.....well, you know.


Kenny Simpson said...

That is funny. Really funny. I may steal that and tell my kids about it.

Anonymous said...

you said political, and i just couldnt bring myself to read any further. Kenny already did me in for today. ..Ill have to come back tomorrow..

Lerra said...

LOL...Doolittle. That's funny.

One thing I like about Walking Wendell Mitchell (besides that he goes to VP) is that he made an ad clearing up the things his opponent (whoever she is) said about him. No mudslinging - just some clarification. It is nice to hear a pleasant political advertisement for a change.