Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Is That a Real Gun?

This just in; local redneck gives his opinion about North Korea! What do you make of the news of North Korea supposedly testing a nuclear weapon? It sounds like one of those guys who attempts to rob a convenience store with his hand in his jacket pocket pretending to have a gun. Why does he do that? So the minimum-wage clerk will be unsure if he really has a gun and react as if he really does. That is what the store owner has trained the clerk to do. Hand over the money, get the best description you can, and don't take any chances. The store clerk hears "We care about our employees more than money." The owner is thinking "I would rather loose $243 from the register than pay your disability for the next 27 years." Also, the thief knows that if he doesn't actually show a gun, he can claim later he didn't really have one. You know, later, when he gets caught.

How is this like North Korea? Has anyone seen a nuclear weapon? Can anyone verify a nuclear weapon? Kim (which is the name of all military leaders in N. Korea) said today "If the United States doesn't change it's attitude, we will test another nuclear weapon!" So...go ahead. That sounds to me like saying "Don't test me, I will stick my other hand in my pocket and pretend to have TWO guns!" If they really have nuclear weapons at all, how many can they have? If they blast them all underground in N. Korea--fine.

U.N. secretary-general Coffee....I mean Kofi Anan wants the USA to have one-on-one talks with N. Korea. Why? Because they have both hands in their jacket pocket? Who cares what the U.N. secretary general thinks? What kind of title is that anyway? Is he a secretary or a general? "Hey, Coffee....I mean Kofi bring me some coffee. Then run over and attack North Korea."

Please. North Korea reminds me of that video on "America's Funniest". You know the one where the toddler is pitching a fit. Then mom goes to another room and he follows only to flop down and pitch a fit in front of her. When she returns to the first room he follows quietly, then does the tantrum thing again, over and over.

It is funny with a two year old.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

haha! this post was quite informative. Im a little slow on he whole real life news stuff, so this was the news in terms for me to understand. thanks, Laura's dad!

That was a great analogy. the guns and the toddlers. hilarious. yet probably true.

Lerra said...

I'm with Ashley. I'm not too informed on current events, so thanks for blogging about them! I did hear about this earlier this week, but unless it is made into some form of entertainment, as your blog was, then I tend to pay no attention.

Kenny Simpson said...

Very good analogy. N. Korea is a joke.

jon said...

you should write a cynical article in the newspaper, a lot of people would agree with you.

Roxy Wishum said...

Jon; Is that good or bad?