Thursday, September 28, 2006


Yesterday I read in the Wetumpka Herald about a Christian poetry contest. $1000 top prize, deadline 9/30--so I decided to enter. This morning this is what I wrote and submitted. I do not know if the contest is for real or a set-up to sell me a book of poetry but the exercise was fun anyway. I enjoy poetry (some types) and may start writing more.


The Sun this morning,
bathed in red glory
affirmed once again
the Genesis story.

Throughout each day
the mockingbirds sing.
Never grumpy nor blue,
but cheerful tunes bring.

Let him with ears, hear
and him with eyes, see.
The Creator of all
is speaking to me.

All around are rumors
of another world, unseen.
I can't pursue both worlds
and again must choose between.

There are other prizes besides the grand prize.


Helen said...

Very nice, Daddy!!

I've thought about writing more recently... hmm...

Jamey said...

I enjoy poetry, and think you have created a very nice piece.

Lerra said...

Did you plagiarize that? :-)

Roxy Wishum said...

I can't even spell plagiarize. No, I wrote it as I went about my day yesterday morning and typed it when I got home.

Kenny Simpson said...

Very well done