Sunday, May 04, 2008

It takes a Village!

This post is NOT intended to be humorous. The following is from an AP story published on May 4. I titled the post in honor of Senator Clinton's book since she represents this part of New York and the topic, I believe, is related to her premise in the book that we must all combine our efforts in order to raise a child. While I certainly agree that extended family and church family can have a huge bearing on the quality of adult that results from parenting efforts, I strongly disagree that parents should abdicate responsibility to properly teach and train children to the government or a contracted representative of the government. I suggest that the following revelation is a direct result of that expanding abdication of responsibility, both in what it reveals about the ethics and morals of those who have assumed some of that responsibility as teachers and those who took on some of that responsibility as politicians and bureaucrats.

NEW YORK (AP) — The number of city teachers yanked from their classrooms because of accusations of wrongdoing has doubled in four years, and some spend years collecting their salaries while awaiting disciplinary hearings, a newspaper reported Sunday.
Their pay costs the nation's largest public school system an estimated $65 million a year, not including the cost of hiring substitutes or renting space for the so-called "rubber rooms" where accused teachers spend their work days, the Daily News reported.

Accused of offenses ranging from excessive lateness to sex abuse, an average of 700 teachers at any given time read magazines, play cards and nap in the "rubber rooms" — officially, Temporary Reassignment Centers, the newspaper reported. It cited city data

A little quick math will reveal that more than $90,000 (not counting salaries for replacements or costs for the playroom) per teacher is being spent to give timeout to 700 "teachers" accused of wrongdoing. Many of these wait more than half a decade to have a case heard. Most wait 3 or so years for a hearing and decision on discipline. Alabama's teacher's union would like to increase property taxes so that we can be more like these "big city schools". The senator from New York would like to be President of the USA so that she can also fix "big oil companies" and "environmental issues".

I am reminded of the one-liner "Hey, the village called. They want their idiot back."

I mean that in the nicest possible way.

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Lerra said...

Wow...I had no idea that was even going on. Interesting.