Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bill Cosby for President

O.K., so the title is meant to be a little funny and grab your attention. But this post is intended to be a serious commentary. So many times during this campaign for president of the USA, I have considered writing a length post about Obama and who he really is. Instead, I will take the opportunity of Bill Cosby once again speaking out concerning the underachievement among black Americans and the tendency of self-appointed "black leaders" blaming it on discrimination and covert government operations.

First, allow me to say that dark skinned individuals were largely mistreated as slaves 200 years ago. Many were mistreated as inferior and unable to participate fully in society 75 years ago. Today some are assumed to be thieves or thugs because many happily promote those stereotypes. But today people of every color, gender, height, weight, and economic status are discriminated against in some way. Many black Americans have achieved amazing success in business and government. Many have intact, loving, successful Christian families. None are being forced by white people or the government to have multiple "baby daddies" or contract aids. George Bush and the republican party did not plan and implement the 9/11 attacks as a ploy to destroy black individuals.

I am tempted to call "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright an idiot for believing and suggesting such insane ideas. But Mr. Wright is not an idiot. He is, in fact, of at least average intelligence if not above. How then do we reconcile his rantings to his followers with the sensible (if not well-received) exhortations of Mr. Cosby? It is as simple as this; one is telling the truth--at his own peril. The other is broadcasting lies--to his own enrichment. You do not need me to point out which is which.

The concern for me is that Barack Obama would spend a couple of decades "worshipping" with and adoring Jeremiah Wright without any public announcement of his disagreement with the foolish, angry, divisive messages--until now. Why now? Because white folk (and some black folk) are thinking for themselves. They are searching the internet. They are seeing what the most divisive "black leaders" say when they think no white folk are listening. And it is disturbing to many. It should be. Because so many who do not think for themselves believe that junk. The democratic party's attempt to select a candidate has been most entertaining for me. Hillary assumed she had the black vote and now she can't say what she really thinks about Obama because he is pandering to the same demographic that she is--only he is more intelligent and likable. It is extremely humorous to me--now. But if either of them is elected, the policies endorsed would only work to widen the racial divide.

Having said all that, I am so thankful to be part of a church family that accepts all races, nationalities, social classes, and considers them as God's children to be loved and treated with respect. I am also extremely thankful for the black families that have been devoted Christian examples during the years that they have been very, very much in the minority in the congregation. That must have been difficult many times. Now, one of these fine brothers serves as an elder and serves as a great example of what can be done with a life when the truth is recognized and followed. Are we still largely segregated on Sunday morning as a nation? Yes, sadly we are. Are we making progress? Absolutely! But we have to tell each other the truth--regardless of who is listening.


Lerra said...

Ditto that last paragraph!

Jeannie50 said...

I absolutely agree that Bill Cosby would make a great president. He is educated, well spoken, not to mention a great sense of humor but also cares about the world and all its people not because of race, creed or color but because they are human!

Parents for Reform said...

Well, I kind of agree, but have to say that the Rev. is very passionate about his ideas because he has seen some of the most wicked unjust things in his lifetime. The fact that "Blacks" have not had the same start, or head start, most poor neighborhoods have high black populations, lousy schools, these are all things that create a social class difference. I also think the same to be said for women, who are the most over worked, yet in debt people in society. The fact there wasn't a right to vote 80 years ago plays a major roll in this social class difference. There may not be a glass ceiling anymore, but there is a boys club, and very few women are allowed to penetrate it without major consequences. Furthermore, it is fact, not fiction that women make 60% of a man's income, in the same career. Men are looked upon higher in our society because they have had a 200 year head start to create business, and government that favors them.

Come live in a women shoes or a poor black persons shoes, and maybe you will understand.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. There is Nobody in America that was someone's slave and there is nobody in America that owned slaves. Primarily we are looked at in the world as potentially having the ability to obtain the same. That being said, Extremists such as organizations that only like whites and groups led by the REV. of course are simply keeping a rift and basically inciting hatred among ourselves! Why do we have a United Negro College Fund? Why isn't it a United States College Fund for anyone who qualifies? Why do we have a Miss. Black America? Where is the Miss. Native American if you want to talk about a group being "put down"? They are still struggling today on reservations!
We need to GET OVER IT!!! We are one nation under GOD - Not many nations under whomever you want to call on! If you don't like it, then go somewhere that agrees with your beliefs and value system and stop trying to pervert and change mine. I happen to think great men took great time and care to create our nation! I'm tired of people changing their meanings and intentions to suit their desires and ruining the country for those of us who are proud to be here whether white, black, red, yellow, etc... We are all Americans regardless of color start acting like one!