Saturday, March 29, 2008

Photo Caption Contest

Enter this exciting contest now! What is the best caption you can provide for this photo? The only contest rule is that your caption must be rated "G" for all audiences. Of course, the only prize is a "ROTFL" (rolling on the floor laughing) from your fellow readers. The background info is that this picture of a bird "condo" with two parrots was taken in a deteriorating trailer park outside Wetumpka that houses a predominately hispanic population. Most of the mobile homes are in very poor condition with some not having windows. That makes the contrast of this eloborate bird house striking. You may choose to focus on the clever use of the tree for hanging mops, stringing clotheslines and running electricity or you may choose to focus on the birdhouse with the "sunroom" addition. Or you may choose to focus on the ultra-modern track-lighting mounted at the base of the birdhouse. You probably can not tell, but the many small, colorful spots are plastic birds. Good luck with your captions!

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