Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dear Ford Motor Company;

I am writing in regard to your current rebate incentive on the 2008 Ford F 450 pickup. This seems to be a fine truck although it is larger than I need and there is no way I am about to purchase one. Still, it is the truck I am interested in because of the great $1500 rebate offer. I really have never paid much attention to the commercials advertising rebates in the past because I never buy new vehicles. Dave Ramsey said only an idiot would do that. Thankfully, my friends in the federal government have opened my eyes to endless opportunities with the new "Economic Stimulus Package". Did you know that the IRS is also offering rebates? That's right, they are going to send me a small portion of what they forced me to send them so that I will go out and buy a house. It is a great deal for everybody. But here is the REALLY great part; they are going to send a REBATE to people who didn't even pay any tax at all!!! Can you believe that? That is what got me so excited! Once I understood how rebates work, I really jumped on the bandwagon. In fact, not only am I applying for a rebate for the F 450, I am also applying to ALL the auto manufacturers for rebates. Did you know the list of companies that offer rebates is almost endless? Computer companies will give you up to $200 if you select the top of the line computers. Those are the only rebates I am applying for--the top of the line. I am not really going to have time for $10 or $20 rebates now that I have discovered that no purchase is necessary. Well, I have to close so I can apply for the 2008 Toyota Tundra $1000 rebate. I guess their rebate is less because it is a far superior truck. Actually, I don't really understand how you stay in business by giving away money and loosing the competition with foreign companies. But if the federal government is doing the same thing to "stimulate the economy" you must be on the right track. Thank you so much and please attempt to send my rebate check before April 15.




Lerra said...

Can you really apply for rebates without making a purchase??? I could be rich!!

wanna said...

WOW, we're going to be fabulously wealthy!!!! I can hardly wait!!! Then I can quit my job--yippeeee!!!

BabyJ20 said...

Yes my dear sister, you sure can!! It just has no bearing on them actually giving you the money?! Which is sad... I like Dad's idea... I WISH someone paid me SOMETHING for all the forms I have to fill out for stuff!! I can see it now... "I'm sorry, I have a $10 form fee... oh you're non-profit? Then it's only $5!"