Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Mother's Love

These pictures are from the Wetumpka Post Office grounds today. I wish you had audio with the pics.

Can you spot the Killdeer in the picture?

She came off her nest and began her shrill "killdee, killdee, killdee" as I approached.

Below, you see what she was protecting.

When I approached to take a picture of the 4 eggs, she spread her wings and pretended to be wounded while sounding a rapid-fire "dee, dee, dee" that certainly attracted your attention toward her and away from her eggs.

It is amazing to watch how God has designed these birds to protect their unhatched eggs. It seems to me that Darwin would have a difficult time explaining this quick sequence of events. The eggs are surprisingly exposed, but other Killdeer in the area laid eggs in an adjoining pasture that flooded in the recent hard rains and I am afraid that most of those will not survive.


Lerra said...

Those eggs are really pretty - can you pick up a couple for me to use to decorate with?? :-) I guess that would smell bad after awhile.

BabyJ20 said...

We've had those on campus. Again, they laid the eggs out in the open and used the wounded wing tactic.

But what's worse is the "dive bombing" mocking bird. Yep, you can be innocently walking to your car and WHOOSH!! I'm not sure if anyone's been hit, but it's a close call!!