Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Religion and Politics

If you are looking for heated debate, either religion or politics serve as kindling. When combined, the debate can become explosive. However, in the aftermath of "super Tuesday" I feel compelled to ask one question. If Mitt Romney's followers' assertions that "an individual's religious beliefs should not matter" then how do you explain that he had mediocre results yesterday everywhere except Utah. In this predominatly Mormon state he received NINETY PERCENT of the republican vote! Does it matter to the Mormons?

Likewise, Huckabee won most of the southern, "evangelical Christian" states, although by only a couple of percentage points in most.

Does what a person believes about God, creation, and why we are here matter? It does to me.


Lerra said...

It matters to me too! Some people believe that you shouldn't let a politician's religious preferences affect your opinion of them. Well, if their religious preferences affect the way they make decisions, then shouldn't that be a factor? Duh. {Yes, I just said "duh".}

Supabloggasuprememama said...

goooo hilary! just kidding.