Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mr. President?

Mike Huckabee made a visit to Montgomery today for a pep rally on the campus of Faulkner University. Regardless of your politics, it is a little exciting to have a contender for president of the USA visit OUR little campus. It was fun to participate and it is fun to speculate on where the process is heading. Allow this disclaimer; I am no politician and since I am part of what Hillary calls the "radical right-wing extremists", my views clearly are not mainstream America in 2008. So what is going to happen? I do not have a clue. But still, it is like the speculation that builds in the final few weeks of college football season. It is fun to guess and imagine scenarios when you can find someone that can discuss it without feeling personally attacked if you can't agree. I favor Huckabee among the 5 candidates that seem to have a realistic chance at this point. Next Tuesday will clarify matters significantly. Clinton and Obama may go down to the wire. Whether the Republican race is between two or three may be decided Tuesday. It will be interesting when running mates begin to be announced. That will likely include some of the drop-outs. Don't forget, one or more independents can still jump in after the Republican and Democratic nominee is selected. Who would that help or hurt most? Too early to say. One thing that Huckabee is saying at these local gatherings is "Don't let the media dictate who will be president." Clearly, we are all influenced by the media--especially t.v. One indication that Huckabee fully understands that is his traveling companion and supporter, Chuck Norris. It could be troubling for Huckabee that the "Texas Ranger" gets louder applause and more autograph requests than the Arkansas Govenor. I thought LaWanna was shaking Chuck Norris' hand a little too long and I almost gave him a swift blow to the throat. Apparrently he sensed this and moved on.
Here a couple of pictures. Maybe you can make out Helen and LaWanna in the corner just left of the speaker. Also in the pictures are Gwen Chapman and Debbie Norris. Sorry the pictures are not better.


BabyJ20 said...

Gee I look like I'm 12 standing against that rail!!

Lerra said...

I really hate that I missed that! I wanted to go. :-(