Saturday, February 16, 2008

Praying Tree

First of all, kudos to the elders at Vaughn Park Church of Christ for beginning the process to select additional elders by bathing the process in prayer. Members of the congregation signed up to pray for an hour at a time and we quickly covered all 24 hours of 7 straight days, ending tonight. For my dedicated prayer time, I wanted to be isolated from people, phones, and traffic. I chose the base of these two oak trees near where I work. It was very quiet, except for the mockingbirds, and peaceful. The grass is green under the drip-line of the trees because the limbs protect it from frost.

This dead tree was next to the two live ones.

After my prayer time, I walked across a pasture to this wooded area with a great little stream and these "hugging trees".

A small underground stream formed a tiny waterfall underneath the roots of this tree.

This tree, in the middle of the pasture, was open on the back because of decay. If you look closely, you can see barbed wire that has grown deep inside the tree and the original nails are still attached to a small piece of the tree! Well, maybe you can see it.

Then, as I headed back to my truck, I looked toward the two original trees where I sat to pray.

Maybe it is corny or maybe you had to be there or maybe it was a frame of mind--but the two trees just struck me as looking like two praying hands reaching to heaven and the light is ALMOST breaking through the clouds.


Lerra said...

Wow! Those are great pictures! And what a perfect location for prayer time.

JSM said...

love it! {and you too}