Friday, July 14, 2006

Is it hot enough fer ya?

I was doing some calculating today. If I really did get a nickle for each time someone asked "Is it hot enough for you?" and invested each nickle from the summer I was digging ditches in 1972 until now and assumed a conservative 8% return compounded annually for those 34 years, I would have a grand total of $1,634,718.05. $1.05 of that would be for the 21 folks who asked today. I wonder how you answer when someone asks that. No, really--I am asking. Here is what I say; "Yes, it is exactly right. Apparently, this is the exact temperature it is supposed to be and that is alright with me." Something like that. Sometimes when I want to have a little fun I say "Nope, not yet. About 15 more degrees should do it". The point is some folks just want to be friendly and can't think of anything else to say. Or at least they feel safe with this question. Others, however, are testing to see if you will complain. I said to a couple of folks today "You know, maybe ol' Al Gore was right all alone about that global warming thing". In Elmore county that mostly draws blank stares. What do you think about global warming?
While I haven't been all over the globe like Al Gore (and also didn't invent the internet like Al Gore), and I haven't devoted my life to studying the minute details of the polar ice caps, I have been given the capability to think for myself. Thanks anyway Al. My thoughts were reinforced Wednesday night as the folks at Vaughn Park watched a video that was half astronomy class/half Bible class. Skipping all the details and assuming the facts were in the ballpark, there are lots of galaxies, solar systems, and stars out there for millions and trillions of miles. The magnitude of creation is truly mind-boggling. The timeless efficiency of earth's rotation and path around the sun is amazing and unexplainable by those who claim to believe only in what can be replicated. The size and coordination of creation is more and more amazing as we learn more. Then some clowns notice that over a few decades or even centuries (though the measurements from previous centuries are suspect in my mind) the ice caps are shrinking. So what!?! Please don't tell me you have spent a lifetime studying the Earth, the Milky Way (yum), and beyond and concluded that my deodorant and 400 horsepower V-8 are ruining everything. Please! No way my deodorant is doing more damage than 10,000 years of sweaty folks without deodorant. Have you ever been in a high school boys locker room?
Did you watch "Bruce Almighty"? Yes, it seems a little sacriligious and disrespectful of God at first. But really the message of the movie is "Stop griping about God doing His part and just do your part". When Bruce is given God's job for a while he quickly messes everything up by granting everybody's wish. But that will not work because everybody wants to win the lottery and when they do it isn't worth anything. One wants rain-one wants sun. Who decides? The movie reminded me what I already knew; I do not want to be in charge of the world. God will decide when it should rain and how hot it should be. I am o.k. with that. Yep, it is hot enough for me--just right in fact, thanks for asking.


Lerra said...

I think there is some global warming going on inside our house. For real. It's so hot in here. If you have central A/C, please, PLEASE thank God for it right now. I really hope that for the rest of my life, I remember how uncomfortable it is in our current house so that I will never take central A/C for granted!

Ok but seriously...I totally agree with you. Thanks, Al, for the information.

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