Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What if?

It has been one week since we elected Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States of America. I highlighted "united" because I believe it stands for more than just the proper name for our country. We all know that we have not always been united as states. In some ways we are not now. However, since the election it has been refreshing to see the response from the loosing side. McCain came out Tuesday evening and gave a gracious speech conceding the election. I have not seen any racist groups making fools of themselves about the election of an African-American as president. I personally voted for the losing team because I thought they would do less damage to the economy and judicial system. But I have not protested the outcome. The majority chose Obama and Obama it shall be. I will support him as president, pray for him, and attempt to avoid saying harsh, negative things about him. I do not promise to agree with every decision and probably will not. I hope, however, that I will not talk about him in the hateful way so many now talk about President Bush. Mr. Obama has begun receiving briefings and probably has become aware of much information since being elected. The weight begins to build. Can you imagine how much the president knows that we do not? Can you imagine how difficult it must be to refrain from using that information to defend your actions when you are vilified in the media? President Bush has taken a lot.

Here is the "what if"? What if everybody who voted for McCain (pretty close to half the voters in the country) chose to act like the actors and homosexuals in California have since not getting their way? What if we blocked traffic in all the cities? What if we declared, as Melissa Ethridge has done, that we will not pay our taxes? If we can just declare ourselves tax-free, why not make ourselves exempt from all laws?

Barack Obama received nearly 100% of the black vote in the recent election. That, however, is less than 20% of the total population. Obama was not and could not be elected by black citizens. While he received less than half the white vote, it was close enough to half to ensure his victory. That means that many, many folks are able to see a perspective other than their own and vote for someone who is different from themselves. That quality exists in California as was proved by the presidential vote there. But the majority of the citizens, thankfully, still recognize that homosexuality is wrong behavior and not just a difference that one is born with.

So our message to the millionaire, homosexual, spoiled actors and musicians is this; SHUT-UP! GROW UP! And find something productive to do with your time and energy.


Kat said...

Well, I didn't vote for Obama because I don't agree with him on just about every issue. However, I have been inspired by John McCain's speech and would love it if we could just all be as positive as possible.

It would just be nice if people could understand that no one gets their way 100% of the time and that putting people down and speaking bitterly and disrespectfully (as has been done about Bush the last 8 years) gets us no where.

Hilary said...

Those that "preach" tolerance are often those who are not. The stress of being the president is not one I envy in the least. The pictures of our past presidents' "before and after" shots are astonishing.