Monday, August 14, 2006

Degree in Aggressive Driving

Would someone check the Alabama State University catalogue for me? I have not actually seen this, but have concluded from daily observations that ASU apparently is offering a B.S. degree in "aggressive driving". There is no doubt that aggressive driving is taking place on the streets and highways of Montgomery and surrounding areas and that it is becoming more prevalent. For a time I could not think of a reason for the noticeable increase. Then it became more and more obvious how many of those SUV's that were tailgating less than one car length behind some idiot that is only driving 20 mph over the speed limit in order to "persuade" them to increase to 30 mph over the limit or get off the road more often than not are sporting an Alabama State University black and gold car tag. I would never stoop so low as to suggest that there might be a racial or social factor contributing to this dangerous and irritating driving style so the only reasonable explanation is that there are courses offered at ASU that are responsible for the various manifestations of road rage. I can only guess that the "lady" in the red BMW who followed five feet behind my motorcycle on the E. Bypass in the right lane until we were on I-85 where she could screech accross 3 lanes and scream out her window so violently that she was spitting on herself, probably was the Valedictorian. By the way, "lady", if you are reading this I couldn't hear your words over my bike and the other traffic that was also traveling at 75-80 mph but I suppose you were thanking me for helping you pace yourself to keep it under 80 until you hit the interstate. You are welcome. Give peace a chance.


Lerra said...

HAHAHA...give peace a chance. That's funny. I would also like to point out the parents of MA students who apparently have their degree in passive driving. You know who you are. The soccer mom in the giant SUV who is too passive to MERGE into traffic on I-85. You know, you gotta speed up to merge with traffic, not slow down until someone makes a 75-ft gap for your enormous SUV to merge. Sorry if any of you readers are parents of MA students, but I'm just stating what I have observed.

Anonymous said...

No you would never SUGGEST there is a racial or social factor but ....The cars that cut me off this week AND last week had Faulkner tags...I wonder what the racial and social factor is there.

Roxy Wishum said...

Yes, the self-centered aggressiveness certainly crosses all social, racial, and gender lines (age too). Although it is possible to observe some trends, no group is immune to unwise actions. It is especially troubling to see vehicles with tags, bumper stickers, or other indications that the driver is an "advertising Christian" when the car is obviously exceeding the speed limit and violating other reasonable traffic laws. No doubt that adds to the general sense of anger shown by drivers. I watched yesterday as one car drove the speed limit in the left lane of the N.E. Bypass from Eastdale to Hwy. 231. The traffic backed up (maybe 20 cars) and most were following the one in front of them by one or two car lengths. As most were taking the exit onto 231 the right lane cleared and the first car following the "slow" car cut right, passed quickly, and cut in front of the offender by a foot or two. Clearly, he intended to fire a warning shot. That is just crazy. And wrong. The guy was driving the speed limit. Who knows what limiting factors he may have had but even if there were none, he was obeying the law and EVERYBODY ELSE (including me)in the area is accustomed to exceeding the limit in that area every morning. I doubt many could even tell you what the posted speed limit is. Why then, is there shock when an accident occurs? The amazing thing is that people have avoided you this long. I literally have this internal conversation sometimes on the way to work; "It is not the fault of the other folks on this road that I left 5 minutes late. It will not be the end of the world if I arrive 5 minutes late. It may be the end of the world, for me, if I don't slow down and allow extra room for the people who will never have this internal dialogue." Gotta go, I am going to be late!