Friday, August 18, 2006

Death By Chocolate

No this post is not about a fabulous dessert nor the restuarant by the same name. It is, in fact, a deadly serious report. The news this morning includes the report of a man who fell into a vat of chocolate at the factory where he is employed and could not get out because the chocolate had the "consistency of quicksand". I am not making this up! Co-workers apparently could not extricate him from the chocolate quicksand. His only hope was for them to add cocoa butter to the mix to alter the consistency and THEN pull him out. I swear, I am not making this up! I wonder how much time would pass while extra ingredients were added and the consistency changed enough to allow for rescue? I wonder if he was treading chocolate all this time? I wonder if they thought to turn down the heat on that burner? I wonder how long all this took? I wonder if that chocolate will still make it to a candy bar somewhere? I wonder at what point someone called his wife? "Mrs. Johnson, I am afraid there has been an accident down at the chocolate factory".

Now, LaWanna disagrees but I think that is how I want to go. I REALLY love chocolate and while the thought of literally drowning in it is not so pleasant, it beats being run over by a by-pass driver or being mauled by a hormonal poodle by a long shot. It is not likely since I don't work in nor visit a chocolate factory, but just in case it happens that way, I hereby request to be buried in that delicious, chocolate-covered state. I also request that milk and coffee be served at the visitation. You guys have some fun and don't be moping around. Maybe somebody will say "You know, with dark hair Roxy really looks younger." LaWanna (looking a little guilty) will say "Yeah, I always encouraged him to wear blue because it brought out the blue in his eyes but he really preferred brown." One final request; will you sing that song from "O brother". You know, "Let's all go down, down to the river to pray". I loved that song. And chocolate.


Lerra said...

That's why you like Ashley so much...she is the 3rd biggest chocolate lover I know. Only to follow you & your brother.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

hahaha! NIICCCEEE. I would have to say I would like to go that way too, but since he made it out, I wonder if he eats chocolate anymore? I think I would be too traumatized.....NAAAAHHHH.

lawanna said...

Well, if you insist on the "chocolate funeral arrangements" maybe lerra & supabloggasuprememama will help me with those!! Heee, heee, heee!!

Anonymous said...

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