Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Photos-2008

Santa gets all the publicity, but in our family Mrs. Claus gives the best gifts and cooks a scrumptious Christmas dinner. The ham and turkey were perfect, as always.

The dressing was even more delicious than beautiful!

After lunch we opened presents and a good time was had by all. Becky was stylin'. Anthony, Helen's boyfriend even remembered the pets!

Sometimes the wrapping is more fun than the gifts. Here Rachel "repackages" Russ.

This photo is not clear, but this is the reaction you hope to see.

After eating and ripping through our gifts, we all took a walk to work off some calories. Note the absence of jackets.

Everybody waits while Roxy explores deer sign in the neighbor's yard!

If blogger was not so slow uploading photos, I would share more. I liked this one of a male cardinal in mom's backyard snacking in the Bradford Pear tree. Note the partially eaten berry over his head and the piece still in his beak. Obviously, there was no white Christmas here in the sunny south but a great time to be with family and enjoy life. All together now "And a Cardinal in a pear treeeee!"

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Lerra said...

The cardinal pic is great! Grandmama really does look like Mrs. Claus. And thanks for getting a pic of the back of my head because I never know what my hair really looks like from behind. :-)