Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Imagine....

Take a look at these three kids. What do you think they might accomplish in life? Let me help you by pointing out that the two in blue are girls, not young Bee Gees. Focus, however on their little brother in the middle. Does he look familiar?

Maybe a later picture will help.

Yep, that tall, skinny kid with the dumbo ears and funny lisp is Michael Phelps. No, he did not BECOME Michael Phelps--he always was. With the right combination of genetics, a coach that believed he was special, a missing dad, and an encouraging mom he forged the determination and belief that led to massive training and astonishing results. It is fun to watch as his gold medals pile up and the world records tumble. He makes it seem effortless--and fun! In a few weeks he can retire as a very wealthy man. Most of us would love to trade places with him--now. I would love to be able to eat all that he eats and be that lean. But....I am not willing to swim 50 miles per week--fast--in order to arrive where he is. It takes work. More work than anybody else is willing to do. For a long time. With no guarantees.

But how inspiring is it to look at that normal, everyday kid and see what he has already accomplished. Just imagine what you and I might be able to accomplish with hard work and a little encouragement.

This sad note from today's headlines; Michael Phelps appeared to be headed for yet another gold medal and world record when his swim cap slipped up on one side. After his ear popped out, he swam in circles until everyone in the field had finished the race.

Couldn't resist.


Lerra said...

LOVE Michael Phelps. But do they have to wear their swim pants (or whatever you call them) so low?? It makes me uncomfortable.

Kathryn said...

You are sassy! ;)

I love watching the swim races. The men's 400 relay was unbelieveable. Wow.
It was neat to hear Phelps mom say that he was such a hyper kid. Could never sit still. So she put him in swimming to get some of his energy out. Smart woman!

Hey Lerra. Don't wreck a good thing! ;)

BabyJ20 said...

The swimming doesn't bother me like watching those poor beach volleyball players... SAND, oh my goodness the sand... I shudder at even the thought!!

Like I told Lisa K. the other day... MICHAEL PHELPS ROCKS!! He's been truly phenomenal to watch. And it's nice to know that he's making no excuses or really considers himself disadvantaged... at least I've never heard him give any kind of indication of feeling that way.

bbeth said...

I odn't think he has dumbo ears.