Thursday, June 26, 2008

Negative Space

This is what I am doing now;

Yes, I am eating Hershey's milk chocolate Kisses thanks to Tata. When I looked at the bag, it reminded me of a section of a book I am reading. The book is "A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink. It is a great book about how the USA has moved from an agricultural to industrial to knowledge and now to a conceptual age. It is fascinating and while explaining the "six senses" that he suggests will be essential in our workplace during the coming decades, he talks about art and how it helps develop "right-brain" thinking. I won't elaborate on all the lessons from the book but one concept he mentions that all artists are aware of (and many who are not artists have difficulty with) is the use of negative space. There is a clever use of negative space on this little bag I scanned (empty, of course). Can you see it? Some of you will see it quickly but most will probably have to look for a while. If you can't see it after a few minutes, I will post the answer in comments.

Before you look at the comments section for the answer, try this one. It is a little more obvious. If you see this one, then go back and look at the Kisses bag. The amazing thing is, after you see it, then it jumps out at you every time. It is an amazing commentary on perception and how our brain works.

Remember, you are looking at the negative space around and inside the obvious logo.


Roxy Wishum said...

The FedEx logo is the easy one to see. The negative space between the "E" and "x" forms an arrow and insinuates forward motion. Simple, but brilliant design. The Kisses bag is more difficult to see because of color, orientation, and subtle design. Look at the negative space between the "K" and "i". It forms a chocolate kiss. Fun stuff!

Hilary said...

cool. I never saw that in FedEx before. you can tell which side of the brain i'm working with...

Lerra said...

I took art in jr. high but I am definitely no artist...and no I didn't get these without reading the answer first!

J.R. said...

I knew about the FedEx one, but had o look to see the Kisses one. I like those cool little subtle things.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

apparently I need another cup of coffee this morning. Knowing who I am, you can appreciate that this is my fave post of yours eva! Negative space is just as important as the positive...I have never noticed the kisses before! duh. ;)

Jamey said...

I'll never forget the day I noticed the arrow on the Fed Ex truck. I thought I had discovered something no one else knew about! Ha!

Now I want a chocolate Kiss...

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