Saturday, November 03, 2007

How do you "Do Lunch"?

It occurred to me at lunch today that I have never shown you my lunch room.

What do you think? It is not very plush and there is rarely anybody to talk to but I really like it. Oh, look....somebody is passing by now;

The purpose of this last picture was to attempt to capture the river and the buzzards circling--I got a little of both. Do you know what a group of buzzards are called? A wake. Makes sense. There are usually 20 or so in the area because they roost about a mile down the river from this spot. I wonder if they can smell Mrs. Mary's fried chicken that I am eating? I am gnawing the bones pretty close. I may leave a little cornbread for the groundhogs, but the buzzards are just out of luck. Come see me sometime around 11:30.


Lerra said...

I wish I could eat in your lunchroom!

Jamey said...

I like your view!