Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Can You Use a Little Mercy Now?

I was alerted to this youtube video by a college friend (Thanks Bonnie!) and found it to be well worth the time. In fact, I listened to it several times. I had not heard of Mary Gauthier before but I like the blues sound. However, it is the message of the lyrics that grab you--even if the tempo is slower than you normally appreciate. Her song is set to pictures of the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans. There are racial insinuations and political decisions that I do not appreciate nor condone, but the message of the song is powerful; every single one of us can use a little mercy now.



bbeth said...

Hey Roxy,
Despair is bigger than government and race - and God is bigger than despair - and we are all of God some of those people will ever see.
Katrina hit hard the ones who had least control over their lives - the aged, the sick and the children. To help them, we had to also help the pimps, the prostitues, the users, the criminals,etc. This was a true WWJD moment in time.
There is no way any government could have done as much as faith based peoples did for their fellow man after Katrina. Government fell far short in promised help which gave people an opportunity to glorify God for His help through us,His servants.

Thanks for linking the song - it is great isn't it? I might have to listen to some more of her music.

Bonnie in Louisiana

Lerra said...

Ok, I had to stop the video halfway through because I don't need to cry at work. That just breaks my heart, even two years later.